PCB Design Services

Avnet AVID serves some of the world’s most advanced research, defense and commercial organizations.

Our PCB Design Services

  • PCB Design – From 1 to 30 Layers including Blind/Buried Vias
  • Packages – No Package too small including Micro BGA and Die attach
  • High Speed Design – Impedance controlled designs including RF and high speed memory
  • PCB Materials– Complete array of PCB material design knowledge including HDI Rigid, Flex and Low loss
  • EMI Robustness – Pre-layout planning including Simulation, Impedance and floor planning as well as termination strategies
  • Toolsets – We utilize and translate to the latest toolsets including Pads, Expedition, Allegro, Altium & Eagle

PCB Fabrication Services

  • In-house prototyping
  • Proven US and overseas manufacturing partnerships
  • Component sourcing through internal production management team

Quality & Delivery – Guaranteed

  • 200+ years of combined CAD EXPERIENCE in advanced Design techniques and leading edge technologies
  • Dedicated Project Management Team will oversee your PCB Design and Prototype needs.
  • Guaranteed on-time deliveries
  • Design work performed 24/7, including holidays to meet deadlines

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Case Studies

Multi-Layer High-Speed Digital Printed Wiring Board
Multi-Layer High-Speed Digital Printed Wiring BoardProject:
Multi-Layer High-Speed Digital Printed Wiring Board

Custom Computing System

Customer Need
Customer Need
Customer’s engineering team required expertise in PCB layout of a controller board with large FPGAs, DDR, giga-bit Ethernet, USB and compact flash. The engineer responsible for the project relied primarily on us for development of routing constraints for circuit function and performance.

Our Solution
Utilizing our expertise from completing hundreds of printed wiring board layouts, we were able to fully define the routing constraints as well as optimize the stack-up for improved signal integrity. We were also able to identify several schematic connection issues and improvements that were able to be corrected before the layout was completed. Ultimately, considerable time and money was saved by avoiding costly board fabrication re-spins and multiple assembly cycles.

Value Added or Technologies Applied

  • Controlled Impedance
  • Pre-Layout Simulation
  • Design Rule Constraints
  • Post-Layout Crosstalk Analysis
Small Multi-Board Printed Wiring Board Set (change small to miniature)
Small Multi-Board Printed Wiring Board Set (change small to miniature)Project:
Small Multi-Board Printed Wiring Board Set (change small to miniature)


Customer Need
Customer had a window of opportunity to present a new design for evaluation and sale if prototypes could be developed in record time. Knowing Avnet AVID has on-call resources that can respond immediately, they initially contacted us on a Thursday for ultra-fast design services. Start data wasn’t delivered until the next day, late Friday afternoon.

Our Solution
Utilizing our professional design staff to work Friday night through Monday morning, we was able to coordinate the design efforts around the clock to meet the time-critical delivery to the customer with 100% accurate PCB layouts by first thing Monday.

Value Added or Technologies Applied

  • Concurrent Design Effort
  • Ultra Fast Delivery
  • Instant On-Call Start
Large Digitizer Printed Wiring Board
Large Digitizer Printed Wiring BoardProject:
Large Digitizer Printed Wiring Board

Medical System

Customer Need
Customer’s engineered equipment required including a very high-speed, very dense yet low-cost single printed circuit board.

Our Solution
We utilized a .093″ thick, 9U form factor. The entire design was impedance-controlled with 4,100 components placed both primary and secondary side including 16,000 inches of matched length and differential pair signals. We provided high-speed signal simulation and analysis with design rule definition to ensure a successful, accurate design.

Value Added or Technologies Applied

  • 20 Layers Maximizing Signal Integrity Performance
  • Impedance Controlled
  • 4 Mil Trace/Space
  • 3.125 Gb/s Data Rates
  • Pre-Route Simulation for Length Constraints

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