PCB Design & Simulation

Get it done right the first time!

Why do military contractors and the greatest names in every major industry use AVID’s PCB Design group? Because laying a PCB out correctly the first time saves money and speeds time to market.

PCB Design

Get your PCB design done right the first time with AVIDs expert PCB Engineers. Our expertise includes:

  • Advanced design techniques & materials supporting all manner of designs with advanced technologies
  • High speed digital, signal Integrity & EMC and EMI considerations
  • Mechanical & 3D design
  • PCB fabrication, component procurement and prototype or production assembly
  • We even reverse engineer PCBs!

Simulation and Verification

AVIDs Simulation and Verification Services help ensure your designs are robust from both electrical and thermal perspectives. Our engineers are experts at:

  • Full or partial circuit design simulation & consulting
  • Digital simulation including timing analysis, signal integrity, cross talk analysis & termination strategies
  • CAM Verification of Gerber tooling and copper connectivity
  • Thermal & power delivery simulation


For additional information on AVID's Services or to request a design consultation, please contact us today!