Design Customization

AVID’s Engineering and Product Management teams work directly with you to industrialize your existing designs using the latest technologies and design techniques.

AVID’s Product Customization services will help optimize the cost and performance of your designs and help get your product to market faster.

SBC & Development Kit Customization

Started your design using one of the production ready SBCs or other popular development kits? Leverage AVID’s design knowhow and existing manufacturing volumes to help cost optimize and produce your design for volume production.

Existing Design Customization expertise on:

  • BeagleBone Black
  • Warp7
  • tinyTILE
  • Any other ARM or x86 based designs

Raspberry Pi Customization

We are the exclusive providers of the Raspberry Pi customization service.

If you have a design you would like to take into volume production, check out our Raspberry Pi Customization service to see how we can help cost optimize and manufacture your design.


BeagleBone Black Customization

AVID’s BeagleBone Black Customization service can help optimize the cost, performance and configuration of your BeagleBone Black based designs.

Our experience designing and manufacturing BeagleBoard products will help you get your products to market quickly and reliably.


Design Customization Samples

Future home

Complete end to end solution including  PCB design, layout, enclosure and compliance testing.



For additional information on AVID's Services or to request a design consultation, please contact us today!