Power Conversion

Our power conversion experience ensures that your designs meet required efficiency targets as well the most stringent EMC design requirements.

Low Power Design & Harvesting

Our system approach to low power design ensures both HW and SW work together to provide our customers with the highest energy efficiency. Our keys to success are:

  • Utilizing the latest in efficient power supply controllers, low power processors and analog components
  • Ensuring EMI robustness through proven layout and filtering techniques
  • Focusing on both maximum power conversion efficiency while minimizing the draw from load and component quiescent operation
  • Energy harvesting including vibration, Temperature, and solar power

Battery Charging

  • Expertise in Li-Po/Li-ion/ NiMH/ NiCad Battery charging
  • Hi temperature charging and operational experience
  • Hazardous location control and protection techniques

Motor Control

  • Motor types include Brushless DC, Permanent Magnet Synchronous, AC Inductance
  • Energy efficient Sensorless design utilizing both trapezoidal and Field Oriented Control
  • Sensored control designs for precision industrial

High Power Conversion

  • KW control systems for power generation in Medical, utility and industrial markets
  • Advanced packaging / thermal design and modeling techniques
  • Digital control, status and backup system control

Analysis and Testing

  • Complete EMC and thermal Management testing including agency certification
  • Control Loop and Transient Response Simulation and Optimization using SPICE and a Venable Analyzer
  • Verification testing for input range, load range, operating temperature range

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Case Studies

System Electronics

System ElectronicsProject:
System Electronics

Volumetric CT/PET/SPECT Diagnostic System

Our Solution
Electronics to detect and collect sensor data from a large photo-sensor array excited by X-rays. Unique requirements were pixel sizes eight times smaller than previous generation systems as well as a large XY array instead of the prior single slice.

Value Added or Technologies Applied

  • Electronic System Requirements/Architecture
  • Data Flow Diagrams. Memory Architecture and Management, Speed Performance Analysis
  • Hardware Design; Advanced Packaging Concepts (Ceramic Carriers, COB, Rigid/Flex)
  • In-Line Real-Time Signal Processing and Combination, VHDL and DSP Techniques
  • Thermal Management; Fluid-Based and Thermo-Electric Cooling
  • High-Speed Data Transfer Method (20GBps) Across a Rotating Interface
  • Proof of Concept Modeling
  • Manufacturing Techniques and Process Research/Definition
Li-Ion Battery Control/Charger Electronics

Li-Ion Battery Control/Charger ElectronicsProject:
Li-Ion Battery Control/Charger Electronics

Portable Appliance

Customer Need
The consumer appliance in this case is powered from a removable battery pack which requires a charger. A spare pack may be kept charged and a quick swap allows the user to continue use. The removable pack may also be used to power different appliances. Li-Ion batteries require special care to prolong their life as well as prevent dangerous flare up. Low cost is a key driver in the design.

Our Solution
A low cost microcontroller was implemented to perform the battery monitoring and charging functions. Provisions for various use cases involving plugging and unplugging, erratic contact during insertion, power draw from the battery during charge cycles, and temperature monitoring for safe operation were implemented. Additionally, a communication channel was added to allow specific battery data to be transferred for status indication.

Value Added or Technologies Applied

  • Hardware and Firmware Architecture
  • Hardware and Firmware Design and Documentation
  • Prototype and Validation
  • Production Test System Development
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Manufacturing Techniques and Process Research/Definition
Control Electronics

Control ElectronicsProject:
Control Electronics

Diesel-Fired Military Tent Heater

Customer Need
MIL-compliant electronic control of all aspects of a military tent heater including start/stop sequence, closed-loop temperature control, fuel/air mixture, fan motor control, power management and battery charging with system power provided by a Thermo-Electric Generator (TEG). Additional requirements included a remote temperature sensor and user-set point input, with CO monitor.

Our Solution
Our engineering services extended beyond board and firmware design including system level operational aspects, use cases, diagnostics, addressing unit to unit variations of the burners and TEGs, and corner case conditions. Avnet AVID was responsible for the complete board level design, embedded and system firmware, and system verification to Military requirements. We assisted in electronics packaging, cable harness design, and release to manufacturing. We also created a real-time executable for the PC that allows test engineers to monitor and modify run-time parameters during system test without the need to reprogram the system.

Value Added or Technologies Applied

  • System Operation and Use Case
  • Control Architecture
  • Hardware and Firmware Design and Implementation
  • Prototyping and Validation
  • PC Application Development
  • System Qualification Support
  • Manufacturing Engineering

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